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Troubleshooting: GET IT

Troubleshooting e-resources



In August 2017 we got new GET IT functionality. 


Please bear with us while we work out a bit of the static on the line. And please help us find the problems by reporting an error.


How GET IT Works

GET IT is set up to provide access to the full-text of an article, if the library has it, no matter where it is.


GET IT uses openURL protocol to link you from one source to another. 

For example, say you are searching Database A and it finds the citation to an article.  You want the full-text of that article, so you click GET IT.  The GET IT button goes through a series of protocols to search our collection to see that we have that article in full-text in Database B.  GET IT links you to that database. Saves you the hassle of trying to do it all yourself.


GET IT isn't always perfect. Sometimes you don't get it.  When that happens, please REQUEST IT instead. Order the article through Interlibrary Loan and we'll find it for you and send it to you.  Allow a few days for Interlibrary Loan.


When you Request via Interlibrary Loan using the link in the record, it'll pre-populate the form with the most important information needed for us to find the article.