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Troubleshooting: EZproxy

Troubleshooting e-resources

Logging in

If someone says they can't login from off-campus

1.  Verify that the resource is working from on-campus using the link from the A-Z list of databases.

2.  Verify that the URL contains the proxy prefix,, or string,**.  If it doesn't, give them the correct URL from

3. Verify that their username/password is correct.  This is their St. Thomas username/password, not their library barcode.

Have them login to CanvasIf they can’t do that, then the problem is their username/password. Refer to IRT’s password page or call the Tech Desk 2-6230.

4. Regardless of the browser, have them clear all cookies, cache and restart computer. If they don't want to clear all cookies, be sure to then always clear  and all cookies.


**There are links in LibGuides that should be proxied but are not. That's why when troubleshooting always use the link from the A-Z list of databases, or LibrarySearch. Those are the gold standards for e-resources. Do not rely on a subject or course guide. The link for the e-resource may not have been reused from the master list or formatted correctly.


EZProxy Hostname Error

If you ever receive this message:

Report it to Carolyn DeLuca (  or Kari Petryszyn ( right away.  It can usually be fixed immediately if either of us is at our desk.  


Corporate and K12 firewalls

If they CAN login to Canvas then there’s another problem.  Ask them if they are attempting to do this from a work/K12 school computer.  If so, explain that many work, corporate, and K12 firewalls prevent the use of a proxy.  Unless they are the network administrator for their company (or school) there’s nothing either of us can do. Here's official word and troubleshooting:

EZproxy is configured for a secure connection, workplaces may be blocking access to secure webpages. If they cannot access such things as internet banking,  then it is quite likely that their employer is blocking access to secure sites.

A good webpage for testing SSL (EZproxy) connections is the URL listed below. If they can see this page then SSL connections are not blocked. If they can’t see the page, then their computer or workplace is blocking SSL connections.

For more info on Ezproxy & firewalls, refer to OCLC's FAQ.


Ezproxy Support

OCLC owns Ezproxy. Their support page has loads of information for quick reference, including a quick FAQ.


ELM Resources

eLibraryMNIf you are working from a K12 computer and/or can't get into UST resources, you can always use eLibraryMN (Electronic Library of Minnesota) if you have a public library card. 

We are not affiliated with eLibraryMN and your UST card will not help with access.  But if you have a public library card from a Minnesota public library, then you can use many of the same resources we have.