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Troubleshooting: BrowZine

Troubleshooting e-resources

Common issues

My Shelf: Note that the # of titles you can save to your Shelf is 16. Once you reach the limit and try to add another, the app will prompt you to remove one in order to add another.  This is a feature, not a bug.  Note that you can still search and browse other journals from the main menu.

"No articles were found for this issue" Error

This error can occasionally occur when there is a mis-match between local and server data.  A future release of BrowZine will make this error extremely rare if not get rid of it completely.  However, if you encounter this error at the present time, it only takes a few seconds to correct this problem.

1. Within BrowZine, tap on the SETTINGS tab at the bottom of the interface

2. Tap the button that says RESET LIBRARY CONTENT

When you then return to the BrowZine Library screen, you will see progress bars refreshing content from the servers and the title in question should now be accessible.  If you continue to see this issue, please fill out a help ticket at to let us know. 

See the Third Iron/ BrowZine knowledge base for more information.