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Troubleshooting: Getting Started

Troubleshooting e-resources

Troubleshooting common library problems

When reporting problems to Carolyn DeLuca (, please include:

  • description of the resource you were trying to use and what happened
    • page you clicked from (provide URL)
    • copy the exact error message, if available
  • screenshots.
  • browser and version number being used (e.g., Internet Explorer 10, not just IE vs. Firefox vs. Safari). Knowing version number will help
  • whether it happened on- or off-campus
  • your/student's contact info so I can follow up

This will help me in helping you.

Reminder to Librarians

Often the patron will get to materials in a less-than-direct manner. 

  • Try the A-Z list of databases because that has the gold standard URL.
    • Sometimes in LibGuides a liaison will create a URL without reusing it. It may lack the Ezproxy or it may not be a PURL. 
  • If GET IT fails, try a journal search in LibrarySearch
  • Try a different browser. Some browsers are more forgiving than others.