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Teach-in Tuesday companion guide: Landscapes of Resistance: Street Art and Protest in the Aftermath of George Floyd's Murder

April 20, 2021

Landscapes of Resistance: Street Art and Protest in the Aftermath of George Floyd's Murder

View the April 20, 2021 video of the talk and discussion

In the final Teach-in Tuesday for spring semester on April 20, 2021, with the main presentation being offered by:

  • Dr. Todd Lawrence (English)
  • Dr. Paul Lorah (Earth, Environment & Society)
  • Dr. Heather Shirey (Art History)  

The streamed presentation will be followed by interdisciplinary commentaries offered by:

  • Dr. Paola Ehrmantraut (Modern and Classical Languages)
  • Dr. Kanishka Chowdhury (American Culture & Difference, English),
  • Dr. Olga Herrera (English)

Street Art Archives

George Floyd & Anti-Racist Street Art

Private residence parking garage door with stylized text reading “Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. See, respect, treasure and protect Black lives.” Philo is written on the slant of the ‘s’ in ‘lives’.

Description of the George Floyd & Anti-Racist Street Art project:

The mural depicting George Floyd painted by local artists on the side wall of Cup Foods at 38th St and Chicago in Minneapolis initially transformed a location that was a tragic marker of an extrajudicial antiblack murder into an important community space for memorialization, organizing, fellowship, and healing, but also became a site of conflict and negotiation.  A simple tag reading "Mama," written on a wall near the location of intense conflict between protesters and the police, can be read as an equally powerful call for transformational change. Starting with works such as these, this database seeks to collect ephemeral imagery of all types, large and small, commissioned and uncomissioned, covering a tremendously wide range of approaches and perspectives.

Image by Nicole Peterson. Private residence parking garage door in Minneapolis, MN.

COVID-19 Street Art

Image shows a large-scale snow drawing on a street in Protvino, Moscow, Russia. It is depicting a masked healthcare worker holding the world.Description of the COVID-19 Street Art project:

Over time and as the ongoing Covid-19 crisis unfolds, the Urban Art Mapping Covid-19 Street Art database seeks to document examples of Covid-19 related street art from around the world. The database will serve as the repository for images and a future resource for scholars and artists by way of metadata that is freely available. In addition, the project involves an analysis of the themes and issues that appear in street art, explored in relation to local experiences, responses, and attitudes.  

Image by @coronastreetart. Nurse in snow, a large-scale snow drawing on a street in Potvino, Moscow.


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