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Teach-in Tuesday companion guide: Incarceration and COVID-19: A collision of epidemics

March 23, 2021

Incarceration and COVID-19: A collision of epidemics

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We are witnessing the collision of two epidemics, COVID-19 and mass incarceration, and the results are disastrous. Not only are people in prisons and jails becoming infected and dying at rates that far outstrip rates in communities outside; mass incarceration also contributes to more illness and death due to COVID outside of prisons and jails. This collision demonstrates that the health and well-being of all of us depends on dismantling mass incarceration now and for the future. In principle, we ought to be concerned about transmission of coronavirus in prisons and jails because the people housed in them are human persons bearing inalienable dignity. We ought also to be concerned because coronavirus spread in prisons and jails will inevitably lead to coronavirus spread outside these facilities because of the porous boundary between prisons, jails, and the wider community.

Tuesday, Mar. 23

Presenter: Dr. Amy Levad, Department of Theology

Interdisciplinary conversation panelists:

  • Dr. Jessica Hodge, Justice & Society Studies
  • Dr. Roberto Aspholm, School of Social Work, Morrison Family College of Health

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