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Teach-in Tuesday companion guide: 2018-2019 events

2018-2019 Teach-in Events

2018-2019 was the inaugural year for the Teach-In Tuesday events.  Below is a list of all events with links to the associated library guide and other information about that event.

2018-2019 Tuesday Teach-In events:​

Race and Social Science

Tues, Dec. 4, 2018


The Disproportionate Impact of the War on Drugs. 

Tues, Feb. 26, 2019


A Need for Black Historical Consciousness

Tues, Mar. 19, 2019


50 Years Since Stonewall

Tues, Apr 23, 2019


Whiteness and American Citizenship - An Entangled History

Dr. David Williard, Tues, May 7, 2019