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Law School Success

A research guide aimed at helping law students succeed at the University of St. Thomas School of Law.

Search the Library Catalog

Use LibrarySearch to find books, e-books, DVDs & videos, etc.

LibrarySearch is the library catalog of six private colleges and universities in the Twin Cities, including Saint Thomas. Books from other campuses can be requested online and delivered to you at the Schoenecker Law Library.

Search for a Journal Article Using a Database

Looking for journal articles? You can search the title in LibrarySearch, but if it does not appear in your results, don't despair! Not all of our databases are indexed to appear in search results. If an article title search doesn't find what you are looking for, try searching for the journal itself. Sometimes we might have a subscription to the journal your article was published in, but our subscription might not include the date the article was published. If the article is older, it is also possible it has not been digitized and is only available in print. If it turns out your article is in print and the law library has the print journal, you can find the journal on the compact shelving on the Lower Level. A printer/copier/scanner is also located on the lower level if you decide you want to scan your article.

You can also skip LibrarySearch and search using any of the Law Databases and Indexes. Here are a few that are particularly useful: 

  • HeinOnline Law Journal Library
    HeinOnline is a collection of resources ranging from law review articles to a wide range of foreign and domestic legal documents. To begin your search, select Law Journal Library on the homepage.  Search by text, article title, author, citation, publication title, etc.  Use the Advanced Search feature to search by subject or within a particular journal title.
  • Westlaw (password required)
    This database includes selected documents published in the law reviews, Continuing Legal Education (CLE) course handbook collections, and bar journals (listed at the end).  To find law review and journal articles on Westlaw, in the "Secondary Sources" box, select "Journals and Law Reviews."  You can also search within a particular journal either by finding it listed in the Directory or by locating the journal by database name.
  • LexisNexis (password required)
    To search for journal articles in LexisNexis, select "Secondary Legal" under the Sources box. In the right hand column, select "Law Reviews & Journals."  You can then select from the types of law reviews and journals you would like to search.  You can also narrow your search by selecting options from the right hand column, such as Journals by Jurisdiction, Journals by Area of Law, Individual Law Reviews & Journals, etc.

Quick Location Guide

Schoenecker Law Library Map

Reserves Level 2, Circulation Desk
Reference Level 2
Stacks/Treatises/Books       Level 3
Journals Lower Level



Code (USC, USCA, USCS) Level 3, KF 62
Session laws (Stat, USCCAN)    Level 3, KF 50 & KF 48
Regulations (FR, CFR) Level 3, KF 70
Federal Practice Digest Level 1, KF 127
Cases (SCt, LEd, F, FSupp) Level 1
Federal Shepard's Level 1



Northwest Reporter Level 1
Regional Reporters (excluding 
Lower Level
Codes (MN) Level 3, KFM

Codes (excluding MN, in print,
   no longer updated)

Lower Level, KFA-KFW
Digests, encyclopedias, etc. Level 3



ALR (Fed, 1st, 3rd-6th)        Level 1, KF 132
National encyclopedias
   (AmJur2d, CJS)
Level 3, KF 154
Law journals/periodicals Lower Level
Restatements/treatises            Level 3, by subject matter

Call Numbers

Since the materials in the Schoenecker Law Library are shelved by their call numbers, you can find books on similar topics by browsing the shelves. For example, many books on U.S. bankruptcy law will be shelved together with call numbers between KF1501 and KF1548.

Knowing the call number of a book related to your research can help you locate other books in the same subject area, by browsing the shelf or searching the LibrarySearch catalog. 

K Law in general. Comparative and uniform law. Jurisprudence
   K1-36.5 Periodicals
KB Religious law in general. Comparative religious law. Jurisprudence
KBM Jewish law
KBP Islamic law
KBR History of canon law
KBU Law of the Roman Catholic Church. The Holy See
KD-KDK United Kingdom and Ireland
KDZ America. North America
KE Canada
KF United States
   KF1-9827 Federal law. Common and collective state law
   KFA-KFZ Individual states
KG Latin America - Mexico and Central America - West Indies. Caribbean area
KH South America
KJ-KKZ Europe
KL-KWX Asia and Eurasia, Africa, Pacific Area, and Antarctica
KZ Law of nations