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Law School Success

A research guide aimed at helping law students succeed at the University of St. Thomas School of Law.

Study Aids

Study aids can often prove useful to your studies. They can enhance your understanding of the law, make your studying more effective, and even decrease the amount of time you spend studying. You have access to a variety of study aids in both print and e-book formats. Stop by the circulation desk for more information.

These study aids, known for their conciseness and ability to explain the law in easily understandable terms, are from the following reliable review series:

Nutshell JacketNutshells: Written by outstanding authorities and recognized experts in an area of study, Nutshells explain the law in condensed narrative.





Examples & Explanations JacketExamples & Explanations: Written by authors who are usually respected professors, the E & E titles methodically walk you through the subject matter. They provide you with explanations to issues with analytical processes and then also provide examples to help you fully understand the analysis. At the end of each section or chapter, a series of problems helps you to work through and test your understanding. With the problems fully answered, these in-depth explanations won’t leave you feeling frustrated and wondering if you’ve correctly answered the question.


Understanding: With discussions of many of the cases found in major casebooks, the Understanding books give the reader a better understanding of the law in language that is accessible to students.




Hornbook Jacket

Hornbooks: Hornbooks are study aids written by well respected authors and explain legal concepts in more depth to broaden your understanding of topical areas of law. Considered more academic than the Nutshell, E & E, and Understanding series, Hornbooks are often recommended by professors.



Concise Hornbook JacketConcise Hornbook: Lightly footnoted to be student-friendly, this series is written by experts to feature concise analysis of fundamental areas of the law. These titles provide comprehensive coverage of the most crucial issues in a course yet are brief enough that they won't weigh you down.




Other study aid types: Black Letter Outlines, Stories, Foundations, Questions & Answers.

To search the library catalog for subject specific items, search by keyword for the name of the subject and the name of the type of study aid. Examples: "Criminal law Examples and Explanations," "civil procedure Nutshell."