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Christianity and World Religions: Overview

A guide that serves as a brief introduction to several world religions. It is intended to whet your appetite for further study and to help you understand the religious beliefs of others in today's global society.

Call Number Ranges

The following are the general areas for various religious studies. 

  • BJ   Religions. Mythology. Rationalism
  • BM  Judaism
  • BP  Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.
  • BQ  Buddhism
  • BR  Christianity
  • BS  The Bible
  • BT  Doctrinal Theology
  • BV  Practical Theology
  • BX  Christian Denominations

Call numbers for selected religions or religious divisions not listed above be found below:

  • BL 1100-1295:  Hinduism
  • BL1300-1380: Jainism
  • BL1830-1883:   Confucianism  
  • BL1899-1942.85: Taoism
  • BL2017-2018.7: Sikhism
  • BX200-756: Orthodox Eastern Church
  • BX800-4795: Catholic Church  
  • BX4800-9999: Protestantism

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Ecumenical and Interreligious Affairs