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MKTG 710: Consumer Behavior: Industry Overviews

This guide is to be used to identify resources for Sandra Rathod's MKTG 710 Consumer Behavior class

Industrial Classification

Industry data sources cover groups of organizations involved in similar business activities - airlines, soft drinks, sporting goods, etc.  Many resources organize information using industrial classification codes - NAICS & SIC.  Here is a separate Industry Classification guide which explains the codes and how to identify them.

IBISWorld Tip for Nonprofits

If you are doing marketing research for educational or nonprofit organizations (schools, daycares, churches, etc.), you can still use IBISWorld and its NAICS codes for background on the industry. For example:

  • Charter schools (OD4993)
  • Day care (62441)
  • Early childhood learning centers (OD5718)
  • Nursery schools (OD6035)
  • Private schools (61111b)
  • Public schools (61111a)
  • Religious organizations, including churches (81311)

  Industry Overviews

Today's Business News (CNN)

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