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IBISWorld: Getting Started

A guide on how to use IBISWorld.

Access IBISWorld

What is IBISWorld?

IBISWorld contains a collection of in-depth industry reports and business environment profiles. St. Thomas has access to the following modules:

  • U.S. Industry Reports: 700+ reports at the 5-digit NAICS code level
  • U.S. Specialized Industry Reports: 600+ niche and emerging industries
  • U.S. Industry State Reports: state-specific information across 500 industries
  • U.S. Business Environment Profiles: 200+ reports featuring key drivers and influencing factors which are responsible for change in a selected industry
  • U.S. State Economic Profiles: industry data and forecasts for all 50 states across 500+ industries
  • Canada Industry Reports: 400+ reports at the 5-digit NAICS code level
  • China Industry Reports: 280 industries
  • Global Industry Reports: 75 industries

IBISWorld Screencasts