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Rome Core Program: THEO 250

A guide to online library resources supporting the courses offered in the Rome Core program, Fall 2017

THEO 250

St. Peter's square, Vatican city

This page will show you library online resources for THEO 250: Global Christianity

(Image credit: Diliff - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Quick Ready Reference

Online Background Sources: Encyclopedias, etc.

Finding Articles

Bible Commentaries

Your Librarian

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Betsy Polakowski
Director of Ireland Library and Theological Librarian

St. Paul Seminary School of Divinity

Archbishop Ireland Memorial Library

Search Strategy using Keywords

1)    Determine the Key concepts of your topic

2)    Define your key words / search terms.

3)    Choose your databases and resources

4)    Formulate the search statement

5)    Refine and focus your results

6)    Evaluate and manage the results

7)    Locate the full articles

Boolean Searching

Keyword Searching:

Skip the words "a" "of" and "the"

Single key word, e.g. Transfiguration

Phrase search - when two or more terms are always used together, put them in quotes e.g. "New Testament"

Very broad term = a single term, e.g. Scriptures

Broader yet = add the term "or" between synonyms, e.g., Scriptures or Bible

More refined = add the term "and" between terms to focus your topic, e.g. Gospel and Luke and Emmaus

More refined = use "not", e.g., Mary not Magdalene