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Rome Core Program: ECON 251

A guide to online library resources supporting the courses offered in the Rome Core program


This guide will lead you to appropriate resources for a country analysis project.

Reports & Statistical Data Sources

Country Overviews & Economic Studies

Each of the sources listed in this box will give you a sizeable overview of a country's economic environment. Start with these to get a general view of the country's situation; additionally, these overviews may help answer many of the assignment's questions directly.

Palgrave's Dictionary of Economics Online

Palgrave's Dictionary of Economics OnlinePalgrave's Dictionary of Economics Online

Need help choosing research topics?
Dying to calculate the price elasticity of demand? 
Can't remember what heteroscedasticity means?
It's all here...


Search Tips:

  • to focus your search, use the limits on the left side of the result page: select a Resource Type filter, pick a date range, etc. Hit the Newspaper Search button to limit to those.
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More Sources

Finding news & magazine articles