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Emerging Technologies in Business: Other Technologies (Quantum/Edge Computing, 5G)

This guide will highlight resources to help you learn about and keep current on emerging technologies in the business world.


Keeping Current: Sources & Search Strategies for Quantum, Edge Computing and 5G

" "Use these suggestions to perform your own searches for current content about AI and Machine Learning technology. As a keyword search strategy in LibrarySearch or one of the other research databases, try: "quantum computing" OR "edge computing" OR 5G.  As a next step, add additional terms using a Boolean "AND" operator like: "quantum computing" AND "banking". As you find quality articles, look in the item's record for any subject headings that seem promising to expand your search.

(image credit: Pixabay, 2019)

Use LibrarySearch to find articles, books, and more

Search Tips:

  • to focus your search, use the limits on the left side of the result page
  • try the Peer Review limit to focus your results on scholarly articles
  • learn more about LibrarySearch

Suggested Library Research Databases: Quantum Computing, Edge Computing, 5G

Try the following sources to search for articles or data on this topic:


Selected Readings: Quantum Computing

Selected Readings: Edge Computing

Selected Readings: 5G