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Mintel Academic: Getting Started

A guide to using Mintel Academic.

Access Mintel Academic

What is Mintel Academic?

Mintel Academic offers consumer market research reports covering different topics or sectors of the U.S. market. Mintel's analysts look at trends, statistics, information on brands and companies, and consumer behavior. Reports are written and managed by analysts with experience in the relevant markets. Use is restricted to current St. Thomas students, faculty, and staff only. Even on campus you must log in with your UST username/password. You need to register with Mintel Academic to download information.

Using Mintel Academic

Once you get to Mintel Academic, you will have to agree to the Terms and Conditions. If you've never used the database before, you'll need to create a profile using your St. Thomas email address and a password. Once you've successfully created your profile, you can sign in to Mintel Academic. 

Mintel Academic Terms and Conditions       Mintel Academic Create a Profile