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Saint Thomas Aquinas: Prayers and Sermons

Over the centuries, the Catholic Church regularly and consistently reaffirmed the central importance of Thomas's work for understanding its teachings concerning Christian revelation.


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There are twenty occasional sermons that are deemed authentic by Louise Bataillon, O. P.  (19 sermons), as well as Petite et Accipientis, which was long considered Thomas's.  Translated sermons can be found in University Sermons.  Translated by Mark-Robin Hoogland in Fathers of the Church: Medieval Continuation, v. 11; This work includes the following sermons:

Veniet Desideratus
Lauda et Letare
Abjiciamus Opera
Osanna Filio David
Ecce Rex Tuus
Celum et Terra Transibunt
Ecce Ego Mitto
Puer Jesus
Exiit qui Seminat
Petite et Accipietis
Emitte Spiritum
Seraphim Stabant
Homo Quidam Fecit Cenam Magnam
Attendite a Falsis
Homo Quidam Erat Dives
Inveni David
Lux Orta
Germinet Terra
Beati qui Habitant
Beata Gens
Beatus Vir

Please note that sermons are not yet available in the critical edition of the Leonine Comission.

Inno ADORO TE DEVOTE, Schola Gregoriana Mediolanensis, Milano, It.

Friar Alessandro Sings "Panis Angelicus" / Music by Cesar Frank