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Islamic Studies: Getting Started

Selected resources for studying Islam and the diverse perspectives of Muslims.

Islam -- Definition


Islam - the religious system established through the prophet Muhammad; the Muslim religion; the body of Muslims, the Muslim world.


Source: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

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Library of Congress Call Numbers

BP1-610 Islam

1-253 Islam
1-68 General
42-48 Study and Teaching
50-68 History
70-80 Biography
75-77.75 Mohammad
87-89 Islamic Literature
100-137.5 Sacred Books
100-134 Koran
128.15-129.83 Special Parts and Chapters
130-134 Works About the Koran
135-136.9 Hadith Literature, Traditions, Sunna
137-137.5 Koranic and Other Islamic Legends
160-165 General Works on Islam
165.5 Dogma ('Aqa'id)
166-166.94 Theology (Kalam)
167.5 Heresy, Heresies
168 Apostasy from Islam
169 Works Against Islam and the Koran
170 Works in Defense of Islam, Islamic Apolpgetics
170.2 Benevolent Work, Social Work, Welfare Work, etc.
170.3-170.5 Missionary Work of Islam
171-173 Relation of Islam to Other Religions
173.25-173.45 Islamic Sociology
174-190 The Practice of Islam
176-181 The Five Duties of a Moslem
182 Jihad (Holy War)
184-184.9 Religious Ceremonies, Rites, etc.
186-186.97 Special Days and Seasons, Fasts, Feasts, Festivals, etc.
187-187.9 Shrines, Sacred Places, etc.
188-190 Islamic Religious Life
188.2-188.3 Devotional Literature
188.45-189.65 Sufism, Mysticism, Dervishes
189.68-189.7 Monasticism
191-253 Branches, Sects, and Modifications
192-194.9 Shiites
221-223 Black Muslims

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