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Islamic Studies: Web Sites

Selected resources for studying Islam and the diverse perspectives of Muslims.

To Google or not to Google?

To many people, searching the web is synonymous with using Google. This works well much of the time, but you should be aware that Google deals in quantity more than quality of the results it brings back from a search. Google's search results have no "quality control."

For this reason, I urge you to give consideration to sites that do have some degree of quality control. The few sites in the box on the right are in this category. Give them a try!

Web Sites on Islam, the Middle East, and North Africa

Resources for Studying Islam and the Middle East

Chatam House Research on the Middle East and Mediterranean
Chatam House is an independent research institute in Great Britain that produces papers and reports on a wide variety of political and policy issues in the contemporary Middle East and Mediterranean worlds.

Digital Islam: Research on the Middle East, Islam, and Digital Media
Supported by the Charles University in Prague, this side provides resources on contemporary issues in the Mideast and Islam.

Digital Librarian: Middle East
Provides a very extensive list of online resources on all aspects of the the Middle East, including sites in numerous languages.  The list is worth a close look.  Similar to, but more extensive than, the WWW Virtual Library: Middle East (see below).

Islamweb: Islamic Studies Internet Guide
Its resources include texts, music, videos, and periodicals.  Also has a calendar converter.

MENALIB: Middle East Virtual Library
Over six international libraries, coordinated by the University and State library Saxony-Anhalt-Halle in Germany, provide this virtual library of materials on the Middle East and north Africa.

Outside the Middle East
An excellent resource for online researchers of Islam in Western Europe.  Provides country and city profiles, reviews and summaries of recent publications, upcoming events, Internet links, and links to recent news articles.

Islam in Southeast Asia
Contains a wide variety of sources covering the history of Islam in Southeast Asia as well as contemporary affairs.  Produced by the Asia Society of New York City


Good General Websites

Resources Sponsored by Schools and Organizations

Global Voices Online

Global Voices is an international, volunteer-led project that collects, summarizes, and gives context to some of the best self-published content found on blogs, podcasts, photo sharing sites, and videoblogs from around the world, with a particular emphasis on countries outside of Europe and North America.

The following regions are of particular interest to students of Islam:

Within each region, you can also choose individual countries. In addition, there is  a general topic of Religion.