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Islamic Studies: Biographies

Selected resources for studying Islam and the diverse perspectives of Muslims.

Jesus and Mary from the Islamic perspective

Jesus and Mary in the Qu'ran....

Jesus, Son of Mary  Mentioned in the Quran twenty-five times, as righteous prophet, messenger to Israel, sign, Spirit from God, and Messiah. The Quran denies the Christian beliefs of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, asserting instead that although he appeared to have been crucified, God actually took Jesus up unto Himself. The Quran declares Jesus human, not God or the son of God, although Muslims believe that Jesus was conceived miraculously (Quran 3:45) and so had no earthly father. Muslims believe that considering Jesus to be God is polytheistic. The Quran places Jesus in the same line of prophethood as Moses and Abraham. For Muslims, Jesus was a great spiritual leader and teacher. [from:"Jesus, Son of Mary"  Oxford Dictionary of Islam. John L. Esposito, ed. Oxford University Press Inc. 2003.]

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is considered one of the most righteous women in the Islamic tradition. She is mentioned more in the Qu'ran   than in the entire New Testament. [from: Esposito, John. "What Everyone Needs to Know About Islam". New York: University Press, 2002. P31.]