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Canvas: Integrating Library Resources: Link to Research & Course Guides

How to embed Library content into your Canvas course

Adding a Research or Course Guide to your Canvas Course

Our reference librarians have created web pages with helpful suggestions on sources and search strategies for various topics and sources by department.  You can ask your liaison librarian to create a guide to support a research assignment in a specific course. Find existing guides by going to the Research & Course Guides section of the web site, and then following the links to your discipline to select a guide. Adding a guide to your Canvas course works best if you have a specific guide title in mind to use, either one created by your librarian specifically for your course, or one of the topical guides to a subject.

In most cases, you will likely add text & links to or embed library content in the following Canvas content types:

  • a syllabus
  • a Library Resources or other course module, 
  • a page (which may be then linked to a module)
  • an assignment (which may be then linked to a module)

In each of these content types, you will create your content via a rich text editor box (modules also have an External Link content type you might use). In the example below, we'll discuss adding a Research Guide to a Canvas Page content type.

  1. Locate the title and URL of a Library Research Guide that you want to use.
  2. Create a new, or open for editing an existing Canvas Page. You will see a rich text editor box.
  3. Add some explanatory text for context and highlight the text you wish to link.Linking to a Research Guide screenshot
  4. Click the Link button on the toolbar, paste in the URL of the research guide in the URL box as indicated, and save/update link.

    Add URL
  5. Save the Page when complete (and then remember to link/add it to your Modules or Assignments as appropriate).

Embed a Box from a Library Research Guide

If you like, you can grab content from one of our Library Research Guides (known as Libguides), or work with your liaison librarian to create custom content on a guide that you can then grab and use in Canvas.

  1. In the Library Research Guides, identify the box you want to add to Canvas, noting the Guide’s title, the Page’s title, and the Box’s title and the column in which the box resides.
  2. As described above, open the piece of Canvas content (assignment, page, etc.) where you want to place the Libguide box.
  3. In the rich text editor, lick the blue "V" icon in the menu bar to open the submenu to select the Library Research Guides.
    Open menu

  4. You will be presented with a series of drop-down menus to help you navigate to the box using the Guide Title, Page Title, and Box Title you noted earlier.
    1) First, select “Research & Course Guides –”
    2) Then select “Content Box.”
    3) Enter the Guide, Guide Page, and Box, and then click “Embed Content.”
    Guide select
  5. In the content editor, 1) it will look like your content is skinny and obscured by the “Need Help?” button. 2) Ignore this (it will look fine in the Student View) and then when done editing, click “Save and Publish”.
  6. Be sure to link your page, assignment, or other content to an appropriate place in the course modules or syllabus so that it is discoverable by your students.