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Canvas: Integrating Library Resources: Add a Library Help Page

How to embed Library content into your Canvas course

Add a Library Help Page

St. Thomas Libraries recently launched “Library Help” in Canvas allowing instructors to add a contextual library and resource help page within a course.

For example, if it is a Biology course, it will generate a link to Biology related LibGuides, Biology databases, and the librarian assigned to the subject of Biology.

Library Help is now automatically enabled in all Canvas courses.**  

If Library Help is not showing up in the navigation of your course, you can easily add it:

  1. Go into course settings
  2. Click on the Navigation tab
  3. Drag Library Help from the inactive section to the active section
  4. And Save!

It really is that simple! Just see the images below!

(**) And now for the caveat: Most LibGuides are already tagged for a department. If you worked with a librarian to set up a LibGuide specific to your course or courses and it is not showing up please contact them to get the guides tagged correctly.

If you would like to extend the amount of information available to your students through LibGuides, contact the librarian listed in the profile box, or the librarian listed for your subject area on our Subject Librarian page.

We’ll be enhancing the design of the page based on feedback and needs throughout the next year and beyond. There is a Feedback section at the bottom of the Library Help page that only instructors see and it is not in the student view. Feel free to send feedback our way.

Do This:

Steps outlined above to add Library Help to a course in Canvas

To Get This (Specific to your course**):

An example image of Library Help once placed in a course in Canvas

Preview in a Sandbox:

To see how it will look specific to a course, go here and play around:

Note: Some options on the Get Link page are not yet available in the Drag and Drop version of Library Help, but we can work with you to accommodate your needs by generating a link for the “Redirect Tool” in Canvas. Please contact us.

Library Help can be used in conjunction with, or independent of, the previously announced “Resource Lists” as it adds links to LibGuides, subject databases, and a librarian profile specific to the course into Canvas – automatically!