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Canvas: Integrating Library Resources: Add a Librarian to your Course

How to embed Library content into your Canvas course

Add a Librarian to Canvas

Interested faculty can add your liaison librarian to your Canvas site if you'd like them to add links or instructional material about library resources and services, have them available for direct student contact, participate in discussion boards, etc..  Contact your liaison librarian to discuss the possibilities.  Once you've agreed, you'll need to add the librarian to your site users list manually. To do so,

  1. log in to Canvas and open the "People" link on the left side. 

    People menu
  2. This will display the current list of course members. Next, hit the "+People" on the upper right side of the screen.

    + People
  3. This opens a window where you add email addresses, set a role for the person you're adding (we suggest Teacher or TA in this case), and hit the Next button.

    Add people
  4. The next screen displays the users found in the UST directory who may be added to the course. Hit the "Add Users" button to complete the task.

  5. You're done! The person you've added to the course receives an email notification with an acceptance link.