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STCM 234: Principles of Strategic Communication: Consumers

This guide provide resources for the course, STCM 234: Principles of Strategic Communication.

Consumer Research

Quality demographic and customer information is important in doing secondary research. Organizations need to understand their customers and prospective customers in order to supply them with the right products and services, and to reach them via their preferred media. There are many resources available to help you learn about consumers and their behaviors, attitudes, and opinions.

Consumer Profiles

Using MRI-Simmons for the plant-based proteins assignment

As we mentioned in class, you should use the 2020 MRI-Simmons data to create crosstab reports for your assignment. When you log in to MRI-Simmons, choose "Launch 1.0" at the top of the screen. Then change the drop-down at the top left from " 2021 Spring MRI-Simmons USA" to Spring 2020 NCHS Adult Study 12-month."

Then choose the Dictionary search button on the upper right. Change the radio button to search "Questions and Answers," and search on "meat alternatives."