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Simmons: Getting Started

A guide to using Simmons.

Platform change to Simmons Insights

The University of St. Thomas has upgraded Simmons OneView to the Simmons Insights platform.

The content of this guide is in the process of being updated, so some information on this guide may not yet match the new interface.

Access Simmons Insights

What is Simmons Insights?

Simmons Insights provides data on adult U.S. consumers based on national surveys, and covers a wide variety of products, brands, and services. The data includes consumer demographics (age, gender, income, etc.), consumer psychographics (behavior, attitudes, etc.), product usage, spending behavior, and media habits. The data is from the Simmons National Consumer Study of 25,000+ U.S. adults. Use Simmons to create customized reports for marketing strategies, advertising choices, and other business decisions.

Simmons Insights is a great resource that you can use to understand key demographic information about your target consumer or customer. Here are some examples of how you can use it:

  • Compare demographics of consumers that purchase certain brand names (Domino's and Little Caesar's pizza.)
  • Create demographic profiles of cyclists, golfers, and runners.
  • Analyze how more or less likely a group of consumers might be to participate in a specific activity (are mountain bikers more or less likely than hikers to drink craft beer.)


To start using Simmons, click “Proceed.” Be sure to log out when you're done.

Click on the Proceed button to connect to Simmons Insights.


Simmons Insights User Guide