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COJO 234: Principles of Strategic Communication: Consumer Behavior & Demographics

Course guide for COJO 234 (Principles of Strategic Communication.)

Category/Industry Overviews

New Strategist American Generations Series

Each of the four volumes in the American Generations Series provides an in-depth look at the demographic and lifestyle data most important for researchers who want to understand how each generation is changing and what to expect from them in the future.

Customer Segments

Quality demographic information is important in doing business research. Organizations need to understand their customers and prospective customers in order to supply them with the right products and services, and to reach them via their preferred media. There are many resources available to help you learn about consumers and their behaviors, attitudes, and opinions.

Additional Resources

SimplyAnalytics Help

MRI University Reporter Help

Simmons OneView Help

Strategic Communication Guide

The Strategic Communication guide has links to more demographic and consumer resources, as well as user guides and tutorials for MRI University Reporter, SimplyMap, and other resources. (Look on the Consumer Behavior & Demographics tab.) Check it out!