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SimplyAnalytics: Tables

A guide on how to use SimplyAnalytics

Comparison Table

A Comparison Table view lets you display multiple characteristics for one or more locations. You can add any locations and variables from the panel on the left. You can browse data variables by categories, or by folders. You can also search by keyword. This is a simple but informative View.

Sample comparison table

Ranking Table

A Ranking Table view allows you to rank a variable across all locations within a larger geography; for example, the 100 highest income zip codes within a state. First, select a "boundary" location (for example, a state), then select the geographic unit that you are interested in (for example, zip codes),  then add data.

Sample ranking table

Quick Report

A Quick Report table view gives you a comprehensive list of key data variables for a location, including population, age, race & ethnicity, income, education, language, citizenship, and housing.

Sample Quick Report

Business Table

A Business Table view contains detailed information about the businesses in your search. When you search for a business, a business report is auto-generated for you. You can change the businesses you see by selecting the Businesses tab on the left, and running another search.

Business table

Related Data Table

A Related Data table view lets you pull all similar variables together. Add one data variable to your table, and SimplyAnalytics will add the related data. For example, if you add one Household Income variable, SimplyAnalytics will automatically include all related household income data. You can use the top of this View to cycle by variations of the chosen variable, for example, switching between number and per cent.
Sample related data table

Views in SimplyAnalytics

In SimplyAnalytics, Views are unique ways to view and analyze your data. They auto-create some Views for you, but you can always create a View yourself by clicking on the New View button.

To create a new View, select New View towards the top right, and click on the appropriate View.

SimplyAnalytics includes several types of Views:

  • Map: select a location and a data variable and it will generate a map that you can easily edit to suit your needs
  • Comparison Table: create a table comparing multiple variables
  • Ranking Table: Compare data for locations
  • Quick Report: select this view if you need a comprehensive list of key data variables for any location
  • Ring Study Table: create a data table for 1-, 3-, & 5-mile rings around a location
  • Business Table: show data on businesses at a location
  • Related Data Table: adds related data to your report for you
  • Time Series Table: adds all years of data for a variable
  • Histogram: A histogram is a chart that shows the frequency distribution of a data variable for the locations you select (e.g., median income for all counties in Minnesota)
  • Bar Chart: visually compare data values across locations
  • Scatter Plot: A scatter plot is a great tool for visualizing the relationship between two data variables. Select a location and a geographic unit (e.g., ZIP Codes in Chicago), then select an x-axis data variable and a y-axis data variable
  • Simmons Crosstab Table: Simmons National Consumer Study (NCS) provides detailed data on the lifestyles, attitudes, brand preferences and media use of approximately 25,000 U.S. adults. Using this data you can create detailed crosstab tables that analyze the relationship between demographic characteristics and any of the consumer behavior data variables

Managing/Updating Variables

When you add new location and data variables, they are not always visible. But, since you've added them to a project, they’re easily added to any table/report or map. Under View Actions, select Edit View, to see the building blocks in your Current View, then add or remove them to create the exact report or map that you want.