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SimplyAnalytics: Help

A guide on how to use SimplyAnalytics

Terms to Know

SimplyAnalytics includes many terms that are specific to data collection at the local, state, and national levels. These terms are from across various disciplines that may use SimplyAnalytics including Business, Economics, and Urban Studies.

  • Quantile: unit in which is divided into equal-sized, adjacent, subgroups. A median is an example of a quantile.
  • Block Group: the smallest geographical unit used by the United States Census. Think of it as a neighborhood with typical population of 600 to 3,000 people.
  • Category: similar subjects of data e.g. quality of life that will include variables affecting the human condition like murder, temperature, and earthquakes.
  • Census Data: quantitative information gathered by the U.S. Census surveys (over 130!) that include comprehensive housing, economic, social, and demographic statistics.
  • Census Tract: an area established by the Bureau of Census for analyzing populations. It generally includes population between 2,500 to 8,000 people; however, not always following city boundaries.
  • “City” Block: geographic unit bounded by four streets.
  • Data Variable: any individual demographic characteristic. Every item in the Data section of SimplyAnalytics is a data variable. SimplyAnalytics has a list of all variables (linked on the right.)

SimplyAnalytics Variables

Abbreviations in SimmonsLOCAL Data

SimmonsLOCAL variable names are occasionally too long to display in the SimplyAnalytics interface. Some of the abbreviations used include:

MO = “most”  e.g., brands used most

ALS = “also” e.g., brands also used

Full ATT = “full attention”

Some ATT = “some attention”

Most ATT = “most attention”