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Music & Media Collections: Music Online: Classical Performance in Video


How to Create Clips

  1. Create an Account
  2. Log in to Alexander Street
  3. Find the film you would like to create a clip from
  4. In the toolbar under the video, click the scissors icon
  5. Use the green and red flags to mark the start and end point of your clip
  6. Give your clip a title
  7. In the drop down menu, select “Everyone in my institution
  8. Click Save

How to View & Share Clips

  1. Go to the Upper Tabs in the website
  2. Click on “Clips
  3. Click on “show only my clips
  4. To view the Clip, click on the title
  5. To share the Clip, click on the “</>” symbol under the “Embed” column
  6. Here you can copy the permanent link to the clip.
  7. Note; when students follow the link, it will take them to the entire video’s page. The clip will start and stop playing at the correct spots, but it won’t be obvious. The clip will show up in the “clips” pane to the right of the video, but so will all other clips anyone has created for that video

How to Create playlists & add videos to them

  1. Under the video, click “Playlist”
  2. Select create a new playlist, enter a title and click “Create
  3. If you have an existing playlist, simply select it from the drop-down menu and click “add”.

How to Share your Playlists:

  1. Go to the Tabs at the top of the website
  2. Click on “Playlists
  3. Click on “Show only my playlists
  4. Click on the title of the playlist you would like to share
  5. Under “Visibility options” make sure that it says it is viewable by “Everyone at my institution”. If it does not, click “Edit playlist” and change it using the drop-down menu that appears, then click “save changes”
  6. Click on “Embed/link”. Copy the permanent link to the playlist