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Library Resources that support Universal Design for Learning: Engagement

A guide to many of the resources the library offers that can support the concepts of Universal Design for Learning

Provide Multiple Means of Engagement

To provide multiple means of engagement, offer ways for students to set and pursue their own goals and to provide options for learning that are relevant, valuable, and meaningful.

Our libraries’ collections are designed and organized to facilitate the exploration of subjects.  We have a wide variety of sources that let students explore topics that matter to them.  Students can work with their liaison librarian to investigate different ideas for their assignment and find those that spark their interests and curiosity.  Librarians can break down the often opaque process of library research for students, making more explicit and understandable the individual steps involved, and give students strategies for finding topics that not only appeal to them, but are also researchable.   That work can be done in class, at the reference desk, or in one-on-on consultations with the librarian.


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