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Intellectual Property Law: Trademarks

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Trademarks -- United States.
Trademarks -- United States -- Periodicals.

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registered trademark

trademark, n. (1838) 1. A word, phrase, logo, or other graphic symbol used by a manufacturer or seller to distinguish its product or products from those of others. • The main purpose of a trademark is to designate the source of goods or services. In effect, the trademark is the commercial substitute for one's signature. To receive federal protection, a trademark must be (1) distinctive rather than merely descriptive or generic; (2) affixed to a product that is actually sold in the marketplace; and (3) registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. In its broadest sense, the term trademark includes a servicemark. Unregistered trademarks are protected under common-law only, and distinguished with the mark “TM.” — Often shortened to mark. Cf. servicemark. 2. The body of law dealing with how businesses distinctively identify their products. — Abbr. TM. See lanham act. Cf. servicemark; registered trademark; brand; tradename.

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The federal laws governing trademarks are found in the United States Code Title 15:

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