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Intellectual Property Law: Finding Cases

Finding Case Law on Westlaw & LexisNexis

Finding Cases on Westlaw:

Westlaw: Select Topical Materials by Area of Practice > Intellectual Property > U.S. Federal Cases


You can begin your search for cases in LexisNexis by following one of the options listed below:

Area of Law - By Topic > (Topic) > Find Cases
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  • Copyright Cases, Federal  (FEDCTS)
  • Federal Trademark, Unfair Competition, and Trade Secret Cases  (FEDCTS)
  • Patent Cases from Federal Courts (FEDCTS)
  • Federal Computer and Cyberlaw Cases, Combined  (FEDCTS)
  • Copyright Cases of Fed Cts,Int'l Trade Com;FR,CFR(19,37) (OMNI)
  • Intellectual Property Cases, Administrative Decisions & Regulations (IPOMNI)
  • Patent Cases, Administrative Decisions and Regulatory Materials (PTOMNI)
  • Fed. Trademark, Unfair Comp. & Trade Secret Cases, Admin. Decisions & Regs.  (OMNI)
  • Federal Trademark, Unfair Competition, and Trade Secret Cases (FEDCTS)
  • State Trademark, Unfair Competition & Trade Secret Cases (STCTS)

IP Case Law

This lists links to freely accessible online databases that contain court decisions or decisions of administrative bodies in the field of intellectual property law, or extracts of such decisions, primarily in the United States but including some international sources.

U.S. Supreme Court
Court Links to U.S. Courts

Searchable Supreme Court Decisions & Opinion:

Court of Justice of the European Communities (ECJ)

  • European Court of Justice


European Patent Office (EPO)

  • Decisions of the Boards of Appeal (1979- )
    • EPO: Recent Decisions
    • EPO: Board of Appeal Decisions Database


European Union Trademarks & Designs Office (OHIM)

  • Decisions of the Boards of Appeal & Community Trademark Consultation Service (1994- )
  • Community Trademark Office Boards of Appeal Decisions
  • Community Trademark Office Opposition Divisions Decisions
  • Community Trademark Office Cancellation Divisions Decisions
  • Decisions on Invalidity concerning Community Designs
  • Judgments of Community Trade Mark Courts concerning Community Trade Marks
  • Judgments of Community Design Courts concerning Community Designs


World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

  • WIPO Domain Name Decisions (2000- )


World Trade Organization (WTO)

  • Panel, Appellate Body & Arbitrators' Decisions (1995- )
    • Index of Disputes Issues


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