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Sacramental Theology: Sacred Music

Catholic life is geared around the seven sacraments, which confer grace on the believer. This is an overview of the historical development of the Catholic sacraments and their theological significance in the modern world.

Useful Databases

  • Smithsonian Global Sound  Rating  
    Smithsonian Global Sound streaming audio database has more than 40,000 individual tracks of music, spoken word, and natural and human-made sounds from Smithsonian/Folkways and other record labels. Included are readings of literary and dramatic works, historic speeches, language instruction, natural sounds, environmental and mechanical sounds, sound effects, children's music, and traditional music from virtually everywhere in the world. Playlists can be created for personal or classroom use.
  • Biography In Context  Rating  
    Gale Biography in Context includes over 600,000 biographies on more than 500,000 people. Biographical information on people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas.
  • Women Composers:a Bibliography of Internet Resources  
    Provides quick access to information about women composers
  • Naxos Music Library  
    A comprehensive collection of online music, it includes the complete Naxos, Marco Polo and Da Capo catalogues of over 170,000 tracks, including classical music, historical recordings, jazz, world, folk and Chinese music. Also includes notes on the works as well as biographical information on composers and artists.