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Art in the OSF Library: Asmat & Native Art

Guide that showcases the temporary and permanent artwork on display in the O'Shaughnessy-Frey Library on UST's St. Paul campus. The guide was constructed by Cristiana Nita, class of 2011, and Susan Price, Reference Librarian.

Fertility Mask Ensemble

Fertility Mask Ensemble (Faces)
This piece by Chudi Igbanugo is based on the Nigerian Igbo fertility mask, with its prominent central crest. Such masks are used at times of initiation and during performances. Igbanugo’s work is composed of four stylized depictions of the fertility mask.

Shield (Djemesj)

(From Left to Right)

Shield (Djemesj)
The large Shield of the Village of Tiau (186 cm.) was carved by Butuwu and added to the Asmat Collection in 1981.  The piece is carved from wood, treated with pigment, ocher, charcoal and lime.

Shield (Djemesj)
The shield, carved by Djemenim  (Sabugu) of the Village of Iroko, of the Upper Dairim Kabur River Region, is a  part of the University’s Asmat Collection. This large wooden shield (74.6”) was colored with lime white, ocher, and soot and was prepared before 1978. The shield was a gift of the Diocese of Agats, Papua, Indonesia.

Shield (Djemesj)
Carved by Firam of the Village of Imembi, the large wooden shield is part of the University’s Asmat Collection.

Evening with Friends


Evening With Friends
The piece, “Evening with Friends,” was created by Minnesota artist, Chudi Igbanugo and given to the University in 1998. Igbanugo was born in Nigeria, a member of the Igbo People.  This piece and the “Fertility Mask” were given by the Umunne Cultural Association of Minnesota to the University in appreciation of the University’s tradition of cultural diversity and continued support of the culture and heritage of the Igbo people.

Asmat Drum

“Drum” is a 20th century piece from the University’s Asmat Collection.  Created in Nepal, the wood, leather and string piece was a gift of Donna and Cargill MacMillan.