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Patristics / Patrology -- The Early Church Fathers & Their Writings: Keywords

Grounded in the teachings and passion of Jesus Christ, early Christian theologians studied Jewish thought, Greek philosophy, and Greek and Latin vocabulary in their endeavor to explain complex Christian theological concepts.

LC Subject Headings

Try some LC SUBJECT searches in LibrarySearch.... Ask your librarian to show you how to use this feature. Be sure and ask your professors to clarify which era you are focusing on.

·         Church history Primitive and early church, ca 30-600

·         Church history, 4th century

·         Church history, 6th century

·         Church history, 7th century

·         Church history Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Theology, Doctrinal History

·         Theology, Doctrinal History Early Church, 30-600

·         Theology, Doctrinal History, Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Fathers of the Church

·         Apostolic Fathers

·         Apologetics History Early Church, 30-600

·         Apologetics History Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Alexandrian School

·         Neoplatoism

·         Antochian School

·         Jesus Christ History of Doctrines Early Church, 30-600

·         Jesus Christ History of Doctrines Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Trinity History of Doctrines Early Church, 30-600

·         Trinity, History of Doctrines Middle Ages, 600-1500

·         Councils and synods

·         Council of Nicaea (1st: 325)

·         Council of Constantinople

·         Monasticism and religious orders History

·         Monastic and religious life History

·         Council of Ephesus

·         Council of Chalcedon

·         Photius I, Saint Patriarch of Constantinople, c. 820-ca. 891

·         Schism Eastern and Western Church

·         Schism, The Great Western, 1378-1417



Significant People in Post-Apostolic Church History

Here are some of the significant names in the history of Post-Apostolic Christianity one may use as a starting point for finding a paper topic.  See the Reference Tab above for Reference materials with good initial information on people and topics in Church history. Be sure and ask your professors if the person you choose is pertinent to the era they want you to focus on....






Antony the Hermit


Justin Martyr





Evagrius of Pontus

Ignatius of Antioch

Ephrem the Syrian

Macarius/ Pseudo-Macarius

John Chrysostom

Basil of Caesarea

Theodore of Mopsuestia

Cyril of Alexandria

Cyprian of Carthage


John of Damascus

Simeon Stylites

St. Augustine of Hippo

Denys the Areopagite

Benedict of Nursia

John Cassian

Irenaeus of Lyon

Gregory of Nyssa


Basil the Great

Gregory Nazianzus

Cyril and Methodius

Council of Nicea