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Patristics / Patrology -- The Early Church Fathers & Their Writings: Scripture References

Grounded in the teachings and passion of Jesus Christ, early Christian theologians studied Jewish thought, Greek philosophy, and Greek and Latin vocabulary in their endeavor to explain complex Christian theological concepts.

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St. John Chrysostom

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Biblical Exegesis

"In imitation of the method of the bee, I shall make my composition from those things which are conformable with the truth and from our enemies themselves gather the fruit of salvation. But I shall reject all that is worthless and falsely labeled as knowledge."

St. John the Damascene

Old and New Testament Abstracts (For Articles)

Lectio Divina

The Latin phrase "lectio divina" means divine reading. It is a particular practice of prayerful meditative reading that the monastics developed in the early church. Christians today may find it useful for the discipline of deeply reflective reading or scripture and devotional material.