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ENTR 100 and 260: Company Overviews

This guide has resources for ENTR 100 and 260 classes doing company and industry research.

Competitor Information

Identifying and learning about competitors for small and local businesses can be challenging, and may require primary research, such as talking directly to people in the industry or local business community. The secondary sources listed here are good places to start.

Additional Sources

Company Profiles & Directories

To find profiles and other information about a company, such as its history, product lines, customer base, key suppliers, management team, strategy, and competitors, use the following resources. ReferenceUSA is the best resource for researching smaller, private companies.

ReferenceUSA Help

Company Websites

A company or organization website can be an excellent source of information for locations, products and services, pricing, and product specifications. For public companies, they can include the company's mission statement as well as links to annual reports and 10-K's.  SEC filings, especially 10-K reports, may include products, markets, distribution channels, research and development, patent, and environmental safety information.

Note: Websites are not objective information sources, do not depend on them to tell the entire story about a company or organization.

Business Librarians

Marianne Hageman

Jim Kelly

Andrea Koeppe