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Curriculum and Teaching Resources: K-12 Classroom Research

This is the place to start if you need resources related to school curriculum or teaching K-12 classroom subjects.

  In the Classoom

This is a five-star resource! provides a wealth of multimedia resources on K-12 books and authors or illustrators that can be used to support reading activities for all grades and content areas. If you are on campus, use this quick search box to begin exploring these resources. If you are off campus, use the link in the next column for best access.

Databases for Classroom Research

These databases are designed for use by teachers and students in a K-12 classroom/library setting.  The resources in these databases are sometimes alligned with state and national curriculum standards.

ELM Databases

In addition to the databases listed above, the state of Minnesota provides a group of databases in the Electronic Library of Minnesota (ELM). Here are more database choices for K-12 research from ELM.

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