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Fulbright Scholarship Guide

Resources to help you as you develop your Fulbright application

Step 2: Develop your idea

The Fulbright application requires students to submit at Statement of Grant Purpose. This 2-page document outlines the Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How of what you are proposing for your Fulbright year. If you are pursuing a research project, developing a strong, feasible and compelling project is the most important aspect of a successful Fulbright application. The first step is to familiarize yourself with the program summary for your host country in order to verify the type of grant you can propose.  The resources below can help you explore and refine a research project.

Make an appointment with a Librarian to do more in-depth research on your topic.

Background Research

You can use the online library to conduct relevant research and find scholars by topic.

1) Subject Guides

These research guides are created by our librarians and will point you to the best starting places for research in particular subjects.


2) LibrarySearch

Our library catalog that lets you search for books, articles, videos and more on any topic. Enter a few keywords to get started.  Once you've done a search, you can narrow results by the type of source, when they were published, and by subject.

3) Reference sources

Reference sources can get you started with background information on topics and references to further research.  Many of our reference sources are online, including:

4) Scopus

This database lets you search for scholarly research on many different topics.  Enter keywords that you're interested in.  You can then narrow your results by subject area or keyword and more using choices on the left side of the results page.

Look at the options for narrowing by Keyword or Subject Area as a way to think about different aspects of your topic that you might like to explore.

You can also search by country or author or affiliation, which can be helpful in other aspects of your application.