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Strategic Management: News/Articles

This is a course guide for Prof. Galloway's MGMT 200 and MGMT 600

Business News Sources

Articles published in business magazines, trade journals, and newspapers can be excellent sources of current information on companies, industries, and products. Articles may also be the only way to locate information on small, private companies, or on subsidiaries of publicly-held companies. They often provide added depth and insight into an industry’s structure, strategy and competition. News articles related to an industry can supplement the overviews or data found in online sources. If you were not able to find an industry report, news articles can collectively provide an overview of the industry.

Business Magazines, Trade Journals, & News Sources

Trade Publications

Trade publications are written specifically for participants in the industry. They feature articles, special reports, and more on industries, companies, executives, consumers, and business trends. They are a good source of current industry news, and may offer industry and market statistics that you cannot find elsewhere. 

Free student access to digital versions of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal


The UST Libraries offer free subscriptions to the digital version of important national newspapers from your laptop or phone that includes access to extra features, visualizations, breaking news alerts, podcasts, and most importantly interactive quizzes and games.

Most newspapers require a one time registration process that is quick and also free.  Click here for detailed instructions or click here to consult with a librarian.