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Resources for Following and Understanding the Ukrainian War: News Sources and Statistics

This site includes library resources and news aggregators from the web that give current news and context to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Beyond the Paywall

Many news sources put some or all of their resources behind a paywall that can be only be accessed with a subscription. The University Libraries has subscription access to many of these news sources, either through our databases or individual news source subscriptions.

News Sources (Subscriptions)

Statistics and Data

Statista is a library database that contains frequently sought statistics and studies gathered by government sources, scientific publications, market researchers, non-profits, trade organizations, etc. The links below are to dossiers that are topical collections of statistics, infographics, and country reports.   

Other Data Sources

Supply Chains, Infrastructure, and Cybersecurity - Business implications of the war via The Gartner Group

Gartner is a library database that provides research and analysis about global technology issues and their impact on organizations.  This evolving collection of essential reports and quick answers serves as a jumping-off point to understanding the business climate in Ukraine, and to guide executives and business leaders in their responses during this time of disruption.

Keeping Current

Russia and the Soviet Union: Background Readings from JSTOR

The Russian invasion of Ukraine wasn’t a surprise attack. JSTOR opened some of their archived stories that will help readers to understand the military, economic, and geographic history in order to provide context for the developing conflict.

Access is free to all users.

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