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STCM 480: Capstone: Campaigns: News/Articles

This guide provides resources for the course, STCM 480: Capstone: Campaigns.

News Sources & Press Coverage

Major Newspapers

Trade Publications & Scholarly Research Journals

Search Journal Titles

Find journals and newspapers subscribed to by St. Thomas. Enter all or the beginning of the title (e.g., New York Times or Harvard).

News Sources

Articles and news sources can be excellent sources of current information  on communication campaigns, companies, industries, brands, and products.  Or, you may be researching broad advertising trends, specific companies' marketing practices, or strategies and campaigns associated with a specific product.

Trade Publications

Trade publications (also referred to as trade journals or the trade press) are written specifically for participants in the industry. They feature articles, ads, special reports, and more on industries, companies, executives, consumers, and business trends. They are a good source of current industry news, and may offer industry and market statistics that you cannot find elsewhere. Check the source of data in reports to see if you can access more information.

Scholarly Research Journals

Scholarly journals provide scholarly research on topics related to specific professions. They are generally published through a peer-reviewed or juried process, which means that one or more scholars in the field have read and approved the article for publication.