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Video & Music Clips, Bookmarks, Playlists: Lumiere

How to Create an account

  1. On the Lumière login page, click the “Apply for an Account” tab.
  2. Fill out the required information.
    • The Department URL is the URL for the webpage that displays your department, your name, and your role at the institution.
  3. Wait for approval email, then login as normal.

How to Search for Clips from a Specific Film

  1. Go to the “Search” tab.
  2. Follow the “How to Search for Films” instructions.
  3. Click “View a list of all clips in this film” (as shown in the picture).
    • If this option is unavailable, you will have to create your own clips (See “How to Create Your Own Private Clip”).
  4. Browse the clips. They are displayed chronologically as they appear in the film.
  5. Click the desired clip.
  6. If you wish to use a clip for class, go to “How to Order a Film or Clip for Student Viewing.”
  7. To save a clip for later, click “Save this clip for later.” You can find your saved clips in the tab “You,” under “Saved Clips.”

How to Create Your Own Clips

When you create private clips, they are not part of the general database. Only you will have access to them.

  1. Click the “Add” tab.
  2. Click “Clip.”
  3. Click “Choose Film.”
  4. Select the language of the film, and scroll down to find the film. Select “Choose this film.”
  5. Fill out the start time and end time of the desired clip (maximum of 5 minutes).
  6. Give the clip a title.
  7. Cut the clip.
  8. To find your clip, go to the tab “You,” then “Clips Created.” Your clips will be listed in alphabetical order.
  9. Clips are cut once every two hours. You can access a clip once it is cut.
    • To share this clip with your students:
      • Once the clip is cut, click “Add this clip to order” and proceed to steps 3-7 of “How to Order a Film or Clip for Student Viewing.

How to Search for Films

  1. Go to the “Search” tab.
  2. Select a particular language, or all languages.
  3. Type your search term in the “find” box.
  4. Choose what the term is, as shown in the image. It’s recommended to use the director’s last name for best results.  
  5. Click “Search.”
  6. To order a whole film for student viewing, go to the section, “How to Order a Film or Clip for Student Viewing.”

How to Order Films or Clips for Student Viewing

  1. Search for your desired film or clip (See “How to Search for Films/Clips”).
  2. On the right side, under “Actions,” click “Add…to order.”
  3. Complete the required information, then click “Add to Order.”
  4. In your cart, give your order a name and an order expiration date.
  5. You can also “Preview” the items in your order at this time.
  6. Click “Submit Order.”
    • In about 20 minutes, you will see the URLs for the clips and films in your order history. You will also receive an email. 
  7. The URLs have to be added to Canvas in order to work. Do NOT email the URLs to your students, as this will break contract agreement.