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Video & Music Clips, Bookmarks, Playlists: Films on Demand (FOD)

FIlms on Demand

How to Create Clips

  1. You need to Create an account
  2. Click on “Segment
  3. Navigate to the point in the video that you want to be the beginning of the clip and click “Set Start Time
  4. Navigate to the end of the clip and click “Set End Time
  5. Clicking the “Set Thumbnail” button sets the thumbnail for the clip to be whatever image is currently displayed on the player.
  6. Give the clip a title and description
  7. Click create segment

How to Share Clips/Playlists/Folders

Viewing/sharing a clip

  1. Click on your name at the top right corner and select “My Content
  2. Click on the title of your clip. This will bring you to your clip and allow you to view it
  3. To share your clip, click “Embed/Link” and copy the Segment URL

Viewing/sharing your folders/playlists

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner and select “My Content
  2. Here will be listed all of your created clips, folders, and playlists
  3. To share a playlist or clip, click on the “actions” drop down menu, then select “Embed/link” and copy the record URL for playlists and the segment URL for clips


How to Add videos to Folders/Playlists

Folders are just a place to add videos for later review. Folders cannot be shared.

  1. Under a video, click “Add to”
  2. Select “Favorites”
  3. Select and existing folder and then click “Add To”, or create a new folder

Playlists are lists to add either full videos or clips. Playlists can be shared with students and students don’t need an account. Once a video is in a playlist cannot create clips.

  1. Under the video, click “Add to”
  2. Click “Playlist”
  3. Select which segments you would like to add to the playlist, or select “Add full title” to add the entire video
  4. Select and existing playlist and then click “Add To”, or create a new playlist