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Mind the Research Gap: Law School to Real World

Navigating Your Summer Legal Jobs

When it comes to legal research, summer associates are expected to hit the ground running, as reflected in the significant amount of time they spend conducting legal research. Close to half report that over 50% of their time per week is spent on legal research. Another 32% of summer associates spend at least a quarter of their time per week on research. Considering summer associates spend so much time researching the law, it’s not surprising that 86% of hiring partners believe legal research skills are highly important.*

Want to avoid fumbling those research assignments? Use this guide as a resource on how to conduct real world research in an employment setting. Topics include getting your first research assignment, Minnesota specific resources, practical tips on how to succeed this summer, and more!  And remember don't forget to...

*Based on the results of a survey that was conducted in July 2016 by LexisNexis® among 330 summer associates working in large U.S. law firms (50+ attorneys).