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SimplyAnalytics: Getting Started

A guide on how to use SimplyMap

Name Change to SimplyAnalytics

NOTE: The University of St. Thomas Libraries migrated SimplyMap to SimplyAnalytics on July 28. All of the user accounts created in SimplyMap were migrated to SimplyAnalytics.

The content of this guide is in the process of being updated, so some information on this guide may not yet match the new interface.

Access SimplyAnalytics

What is SimplyAnalytics?

SimplyAnalytics (designed by Geographic Research Inc.) is a mapping, analytics, and data visualization application that lets users create maps and reports using thousands of demographic, psychographic, business, and marketing data variables. To save your work, you'll need to create a free account. Access is limited to 5 simultaneous users.

To use SimplyAnalytics, you first need to set up an account. To do this, navigate to SimplyAnalytics and click the "create an account" link on the login page. You can also create a temporary account, but it won't save your work. (Be sure to log out when you're done.)

  SimplyAnalytics Sign In

SimplyAnalytics Help

Old Reports from SimplyMap

If you used SimplyMap and had maps and reports stored in it, your information has been migrated to SimplyAnalytics, in a Project called "Migrated SimpyMap Tabs." You can manage them there, or create a new Project to start work on something else.