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Study Rooms: Reserve a Room

Choose a library location

How to book a room

People who have reserved the room in the online system have the right to use it during their scheduled time; you can be asked to leave if you haven’t reserved it.

A few simple rules apply:

  • 2 hours per day maximum per person
  • Priority given to groups of 2 or more
  • Users can reserve up to 2 weeks in advance
  • UST login required to reserve


1. Choose O'Shaughnessy-Frey (St. Paul), Ireland (St. Paul south campus), or Keffer (Minneapolis) to begin the booking process.

2. Select the date from the calendar then click the desired time blocks next to the room you want to reserve. (On a mobile device you will need to scroll down to see the available time slots)

You can also click the "i" button next to each room to see a photo and description of the room (whether or not it has a computer, whiteboard, etc.)

4. Once you have selected your times, scroll down and look over the Booking Details section to make sure it is correct. Use the trash can to remove any time slots you don't want.

5. Read the brief terms & conditions and click “Continue." (You may have to scroll down the screen)

6. You will have a chance to review your selected times. Click on the trash can next to any time slot you wish to remove. Submit when ready to confirm.

7. Sign in using your St. Thomas username and password.

8. Once the confirmation page opens give your group a name and click on "Submit my Booking."

That’s it. You’ll receive an email confirmation of your reservation in your St. Thomas email account. It includes directions to the room, instructions for any technology, and a cancellation link so you can free up the time for others if your plans change.