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Research Online: Faculty Guide

A guide to help faculty manage their Research Online profile.

Can I edit my profile information?

Absolutely you can!  We encourage faculty to review their profile regularly and update it as needed. You can use our "Edit Your Profile" instructions to learn how to do this.

See also: Adding New Publications

Can I add publications to my profile myself?

Yes, faculty can add publications to their profile.  See our instructions for adding new items to learn how to do this.

Alternatively, feel free to use our help form and select "I'd like to add new publications to my Scholarship tab," and we will be happy to help you get publications added.

Can I hide or remove publications in my scholarship tab?

You can hide any publications you do not want to show on your profile by following these instructions.  We generally do not remove items from the repository entirely unless they are incorrect or duplicate entries, but if you have a concern about an item in the repository, feel free to use our help form to let us know and we will follow up with you.

How can I remove duplicate publications from my Scholarship tab?

There are two possible options to remove duplicate records in your profile:

  1. If you want the record to stay in the repository, but not show in your Scholarship tab, you can hide the record.  Click here for instructions on how to do this.
  2. If you want the record deleted from the repository, please use our help form and select "I'd like to delete a duplicate publication in my Scholarship tab."

Why am I not seeing all of my publications in my Scholarship tab?

There are a variety of reasons why your Scholarship tab may look incomplete.  One of the most common ones is that the automated process for "harvesting" faculty publications did not catch everything.  The process relies on an algorithm to learn who our researchers are.  The algorithm does a better job at finding some types of scholarship (like journal articles and book chapters) than others (like creative works and conference papers with no published proceedings).

If you are missing items and would like them added, please use our help form and select "I'd like to add new publications to my Scholarship tab."  We will be happy to help you get missing publications added.

Why do I have a profile both here and on the UST website?

Your two profiles serve distinct functions within the overall UST web presence.  Faculty profiles in Research Online are primarily focused on organizing and presenting UST faculty's scholarship to the wider world, with built in tools for automatically adding new publications and connecting users to the full text through library subscriptions.

The Marketing, Insights, and Communications (MIC) faculty profiles function more like entries in a university directory.  Scholarship can be added to those directory profiles for departments/faculty members for whom that is important, but it has to be manually done on an ongoing basis.

What is the difference between "pre-print," "post-print," and the "published version" of an article?

Pre-print:  the version of an article originally submitted to a journal prior to peer review (sometimes called an "author's original").

Post-print:  the version of an article accepted for publication after all changes that came from the peer review process have been applied but before the formatting and typesetting the publisher uses for the final version are applied (this version is sometimes called an "accepted manuscript" and is the version most commonly put into institutional repositories).

Published Version:  This is the final version of the article as published by the journal.  This version usually cannot be put into institutional repositories without express permission granted by the journal.