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Comparative Anatomy & Physiology: Getting Started

This guide highlights resources that will help you save time and find materials for research projects in your Comparative Anatomy & Physiology course.

Getting Started

Good things to do before getting started: 

  1. Play the Name Game: know all of the names your species is known by (e.g. a barrel-eye fish is also known as "Macropinna microstoma," "spook fish," and sometimes is referred to just by its family name of "opisthoproctidae.")
  2. Find a Family Tree: be clear on the classification of your species (where it is on its family tree) - this can eliminate a lot of confusion later down the road, and help you with determining how to search
  3. Housekeeping: get set up on RefWorks so you can be sure to save what you are finding for future referrals

Linnaeus' Classification of Species


Reference Resources

Don't forget about reference materials!  Items such as encyclopedias and dictionaries can be an excellent starting point for your research.  In addition to offering reliable background information on issues and topics in your area of interest, they can also help you find a research topic.

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