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GERM 300 Introduction to German Studies: Finding Articles


  • Immigration and emigration during and after the war from Germany to the US:
    - Post War
    - Jewish refugees 20th century United States
    - Germany emigration and immigration United States after World war ii
    - Germany emigration and immigration United States during World war ii
    - Germany emigration United States world war ii
    - German refugees united states

  • Refugee situation and refugee camps in Germany (The Reich) after the war:
    - Jews camps
    - Jews and Nazi camps
    - Holocaust, Jewish
    - Concentration camps
    - Displaced Persons (DP) Germany

  • The US military in Germany, 1945-1990
    - US Army occupied Germany
    - US military Germany postwar
    - United States armed forces Germany

  • How was the Third Reich and the NS-time taught in post-war German schools:
    - Postwar German schools
    - Teaching Nazi past German schools
    - German postwar education schools
    - World War II post-war teaching

    - Holocaust Germany postwar education schools
    - Teaching Nazi history postwar Germany
    - Civilizing Germans political history education
    - Civics education postwar Germany

List of Terms

Search Journal Titles

Find journals and newspapers subscribed to by St. Thomas. Enter all or the beginning of the title (e.g., New York Times or Harvard).

Newspaper Articles



Click the GET IT button in any database to get the full text of an article.  If UST Libraries doesn't own it, you'll be given an option to request it from another library

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